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Acting with integrity
On adjusting goals
So you want a job at GitHub…
No right answer
Where power comes from
Interesting because
There is no shortage
Reflections on altMBA³
The connection machine
FOMO at the buffet
Don’t sweat the technique
Obliterate the boundary
Make your precedents count
Movements, in three parts
A failure a day…
Start with empathy
Our goal’s job
Cut through the chatter
Create drivers, not cars
Ignore sunk costs
Return to analog
Writing to think
Help me help you
Discovery is creation
The real enemy
Make it your call
Our adjacent possible
Presume you’re capable
Life’s secret menu
Thinking is a skill
Fear never dies
altMBA: Week Three
On maintaining state
Learning how to learn
Pay enough attention
Saving the day
The leader’s job
Unask the question
altMBA: Week Two
Name your ambiguity
Time is nowhere to be found
Put things in your way
Something to say
Thinking for yourself
Expect more
altMBA: Week One
Layers of audience
The power of short feedback cycles
Make the decision once
Don’t ask, don’t get
The best shot is often backwards
Calm before the storm
Letting go of the brakes
Go remote in 2016


We’re not done yet
I’m donating my birthday
Something by you
Take the power back
It’s easy
Creating bootable USB Installers for OS X
I’m writing a book
GitHub Flow for Heroku with Pull Request Apps
Remote guinea pigs
Going remote: the freelance option
The Burnout Equation
Aim for timelessness
Being proud of your past work


A remote state of mind
Building anti-bloat muscle
Proving taste
Just play


Interfaces all the way down
Thoughts on in-browser design


Open Source needs a new UI